Body Waxing in the Vaal Triangle

Body Waxing in the Vaal Triangle – Fablane Spa

If you are looking for a reputable establishment and therapist for your body waxing needs in the Vaal Triangle, come to Fablane Spa! Fablane Spa is a leading spa in Vanderbijlpark, providing clients across the Vaal with professional waxing services and an array of other beauty treatments.

Our experienced spa therapists, professional treatments and competitive prices make Fablane Spa the spa of choice for many spa-goers in the Vaal. Contact us today to book your waxing or other spa treatment today.

The benefits of waxing as your hair removal method

If you are tired of shaving and looking for a more effective hair removal method, here are a few reasons why you should consider waxing:

  • Waxing will provide longer lasting results when compared to shaving, as the hair will be removed from the root, not just shaved shorter.
  • There is no possibility of cutting yourself. Some skin types are more prone to scarring, even if only from small cuts caused by shaving.
  • Shaving can cause skin irritations and rashes, which is less likely to happen with waxing if done by an experienced professional.
  • Shaving results in hair growing out thicker and darker than before, whereas waxing often results in hair growing out thinner than before.
  • Waxing provides a smoother result than shaving, leaving no ‘missed spots’.
  • Although waxing might be uncomfortable or slightly painful at first, it gets better with time, and can even become an enjoyable spa treatment! It is essential to make use of a reputable establishment and experienced therapist, to ensure a pain-free waxing experience.

Fablane Spa offers waxing for the following body areas:

  • Face: Lip, eyebrow, chin or full face wax
  • Chest wax
  • Legs: Half, ¾ or full leg wax
  • Arms: Half or full arm wax
  • Under arm
  • Speedo wax
  • Brazilian wax
  • Bikini wax
  • G-string wax

Array of beauty treatments available at Fablane Spa

As a leading spa in the Vaal Triangle, you can expect a comprehensive list of beauty treatments, for all your self-care needs. From facials and chemical peels to manicures, pedicures and body scrubs. Browse through our list of enjoyable beauty treatments at Fablane Spa in Vanderbijlpark.

Our qualified and experienced spa therapists will provide you with all the information you require about your desired spa treatment, and will make you feel comfortable while enjoying your spa beauty treatment.

Browse through our pricelist of various spa and beauty treatments available, or talk to a spa therapist today for advice about your beauty needs.

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