Chemical peels at Fablane Wellness Spa in the Vaal Triangle

Chemical peels at Fablane Wellness Spa in the Vaal Triangle

Chemical peels have shown amazing results for many individuals who wish to improve and smoothen the texture of their skin. If you are considering a chemical peel treatments for a specific skin problem or condition, talk to our qualified Spa Doctor at Fablane in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle to find out if you are a suitable candidate. Our Spa Doctor will assess your skin and offer you the most suitable solution the get the results you desire.

Fablane Wellness Spa in Vanderbijlpark is a leading spa in the Vaal, with our own Spa Doctor who offers a number of specialised beauty / cosmetic treatments. Contact us today for more information and to book a consultation for your chemical peel treatment.

What are chemical peels and what does the treatment entail?

A chemical peel treatment involves the application of a specialised chemical solution to areas of the skin where skin rejuvenation is desired. The chemical solution will actually wound the skin (in a very controlled manner), so that new skin generation can take place. The dead skin will ultimately peel of as the skin heals, leaving a healthier and smoother appearance. It is advised to make use of a professional dermatologist or Aesthetics Doctor when it comes to chemical peels, to ensure that you don’t cause more damage by trying to do it yourself.

Chemical peels are used to treat:

  • Sun-damaged skin (fine wrinkles and sun spots)
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Acne

Contact Fablane in Vanderbijlpark to book your chemical peel treatment

For more information about our chemical peels, contact the Aesthetic Spa Doctor at Fablane spa today. We will advise you if you are a suitable candidate for a chemical peel for your specific skin condition. Fablane is the leading Spa in the Vaal for spa treatments, beauty treatments, specified cosmetic treatments, hair styling and more.

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