Facial Treatments – Vaal Triangle – Fablane Spa

Facial Treatments – Vaal Triangle – Fablane Spa

Going for regular facials is a great way to take care of your skin, especially when done by a qualified and professional therapist. Fablane Wellness Centre offers professional facials in The Vaal Triangle, ideal for your monthly facial needs.

Located in Vanderbijlpark, Fablane offers an array of spa treatments including a variety of facials, using well known products and facial brands for excellent results. Book your next facial at Fablane today – contact us for more information and to find suitable facial for your skincare needs.

The benefits of going for regular facials at a professional spa

Professional facials are very beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are a few benefits of going for regular facials:

  • Cleansing: Regular deep cleansing is essential to remove build-up of toxins caused by pollution and your daily life. These toxins can cause premature ageing, acne and blackheads to form underneath the surface of the skin. Professional products and a deeper cleanse than you would achieve at home will help remove these toxins.
  • Anti-ageing: Although the ageing of your skin can’t be stopped, there are a few things you can do to keep your skin healthy, and slow down the ageing process. Modern technology and products have been designed and developed to feed your skin with all it needs to stay younger for longer. Anti-ageing treatments can stimulate collagen production and cell growth, which will do wonders for an ageing skin.
  • Acne treatment: Many facials have been specially designed for the treatment of acne, assisting younger and teen skins with acne problems.
  • Circulation: Facials will help increase the circulation of blood to the skin, promoting the flow of oxygen enriched blood to the skin cells. This gives your skin a healthier glow and appearance.

All in all, regular facials will promote a healthier and balanced complexion.

Types of facials available at FabLane Spa

We offer a number of different facials for different skin types and skincare needs:

Hannon facials:

  • Oily skin facial
  • Combination skin facial
  • Normal skin type facial
  • Dry skin facial
  • Acne prone / teenage skin facial
  • Mature skin facial
  • Pigmentation treatment

Filorga facials:

  • Radiant perfusion treatment
  • Anti-spot perfusion treatment
  • Hydration perfusion treatment
  • Anti-ageing perfusion treatment for sensitive skin
  • Expert treatment for eye area
  • Expert treatment for lips
  • Expert treatment for neck, decollate and hands.

Contact Fablane Wellness Centre today to book your facial

Contact Fablane for more information about our facial treatments, and to book your next facial at our professional spa in the Vaal Triangle, Vanderbijlpark.

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