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Stockists of Kryolan Professional Make-up in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle

Kryolan is a leading brand when it comes to professional make-up in South Africa, trusted by make make-up artists and individuals across the world when it comes to their make-up needs. Kryolan produces high-end make-up products, meeting the make-up artists’ and clients’ needs and demands in terms of longevity, colour-intensity and reliability.

If you are looking for a professional make-up brand that will exceed your expectations, then Kryolan Professional Make-up is ideal for you. Fablane Spa is a top stockist of Kryolan Professional Make-up products in Vanderbijlpark and the Vaal Triangle, supplying a wide selection of products to choose from. Contact Fablane Spa today for more information about these products and to make your purchase.

About Kryolan Professional Make-up

Kryolan Professional Make-up is becoming increasingly popular amongst make-up artists and individuals, and with good reason. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Kryolan Professional Make-up for all your make-up needs:

  • Kryolan has developed a range of professional make-up products that provide lasting results, without losing on comfortability.
  • Kryolan’s true-colour products are ideal for film, photography and theatre, holding up on stage and camera, even under harsh lighting conditions.
  • Coloured products are intense and highly pigmented, so that less product is needed. Colours are also consistent, to ensure the expected results.
  • Kryolan’s professional products are compatible with all skin types, by using ingredients of the highest purity and quality.
  • Kryolan offers a safe and reliable professional make-up product, making it ideal for make-up artists.
  • Kryolan also caters for individuals in need of make-up for personal use, with many of the products being suitable for everyday wear.
  • Kryolan also cares about animal welfare; no Kryolan products are tested on animals.
  • The chemists at Kryolan Professional Make-up are continuously developing new products, working closely with dermatologists to ensure the products are safe and tested.

Get your Kryolan Professional Make-up at Fablane Spa in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle

Fablane spa is a leading spa in the Vaal Triangle, catering to all our clients’ beauty and wellness needs. In addition to purchasing Kryolan Professional Make-up from Fablane Spa, you can also have your bridal / professional make-up done by an experienced make-up artist at our spa. Come for a trial for your bridal / air brush make-up and see the beautiful results!

Contact Fablane Spa in the Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle today for a pricelist of Kryolan Professional Make-up products and professional make-up applications.

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