Spray tan / tan can – Best tanning experience in the Vaal Triangle!

Spray tan / tan can – Best tanning experience in the Vaal Triangle!

Looking for different options to get that glowing beach tan you want for your wedding day, matric farewell or pre-holiday tan? FabLane Wellness spa is the leading spa in the Vaal Triangle, offering different tanning options to suit the different needs of our spa clients.

Read more about the different tanning options available, or simply contact FabLane Spa today to talk to an experienced spa therapist about your tanning needs.

Tan can – the best alternative to sun tanning and sunbeds

Tan cans are very popular for clients who wish to tan regularly, to maintain their beautiful tans, or to get a glowing tan before a special occasion. What is the difference between a tan can and a sunbed? A tan can is a vertical sunbed, which does not require the person to lay down or even touch any surface with their bodies. It offers a more comfortable tanning experience, and is also much more hygienic than conventional tanning beds. Individuals can easily open and close the tan can’s door, and the tan can is very user friendly and easy to operate. A hot air exhaust system / fan also include a cooler tanning experience. Our spa therapists will help you to use the tan can, should you be new to this tanning experience.

Spray tan – your Caribbean tan that does not harm your skin

If you prefer staying out of the sun and away from sunbeds for health reasons, but still wish you can get that beautiful Caribbean tan, then a professional spray tan is for you. Our spa therapists are experienced in applying spray tan, and will offer a subtle, natural and result. There are many benefits of opting for a spray tan rather that a sunbed or tan can: Your skin will not be exposed to harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your skin. It is also a quicker tanning solution, should you not have a week or two to get the tan you need. This instant tan will give you the natural tan you desire.

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For more information about the two tanning options, tan can and spray tan, discussed above, contact FabLane Spa today. We will fully explain the benefits of each, and help you to decide on the best and most suitable solution for you. Fabulous Lane Wellness Spa offers many different spa treatmentsfor our clients in the Vaal to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a facial treatment that will rejuvenate your skin, or a relaxing massage to rejuvenate your mind, FabLane Spa is the place for you!

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