Tanning Treatments in the Vaal Triangle

Tanning Treatments in the Vaal Triangle – Fablane Spa

Looking for tanning options in the Vaal Triangle? Fablane Spa has got you covered! Fablane Spa is a leading spa in the Vaal Triangle, that offers different tanning options to meet the various needs of our clients. Read more about our Tan Can, Spray Tan and Nu-Tan options below, or call us today to make your appointment.

The spa therapists at Fablane Spa will explain the different tanning options available, so that you can make the best choice to get that Caribbean glow! Contact Fablane today for more information.

Tanning options available at Fablane Spa

Choose between the following tanning treatments available at Fablane Spa in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle:

  • Tan Can: The Tan Can at Fablane Spa is a popular choice for our tanning clients, offering clients a quick 10 minute tanning session to build up that beautiful tan over a few weeks. Only a few quick tanning sessions will help you to achieve the desired tan, with lasting results. Our Tan Can can help you maintain that beautiful natural tan throughout the year – book your tanning sessions today.
  • Spray Tan: Fablane Spa also offers a sunless tanning option, that is ideal for last minute tanning needs such as Matric Farewells, Gala evenings or before embarking on your holiday to the beach. Our therapists will help you to achieve a natural looking tan with our spray tan treatment.
  • Nu-tan: Nu-tan is a revolutionary tanning option that has shown some amazing results for our clients. Available in Patches, Nasal Spray and Injections, Nu-tan activates the melatonin in your skin, providing you with a beautiful and 100% natural tan in as little as 3 weeks. As the Nu-tan requires only a little UV exposure, combining your Nu-tan with a few Tan Can sessions is ideal.  Contact us today for more information about this amazing tanning treatment.

Contact Fablane Spa today to book your tanning treatment in the Vaal Triangle

With THREE different tanning options available, you will find the best tanning treatment for your individual needs at Fablane Spa. Our spa therapists are happy to discuss the benefits of each option, to help you to decide on the best and most suitable tanning solution for you. Contact us today to make an appointment for your tanning solution.

As a leading spa in the Vaal, Fabulous Lane Wellness Spa offers a variety of spa treatments for our clients to enjoy. Browse through our list of treatments to book the wellness and beauty treatments for your needs.

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