Enjoying spa treatments in the Vaal

SPA Treatments in Vanderbijlpark at the best Spa in the Vaal Triangle

We offer a variety of spa services and beauty treatments

Treating yourself to a relaxing day of spa treatments and massages at the best spa in the Vaal located in Vanderbijlpark, is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and feel more energetic. This is why Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre is the ideal solution for you; we have a variety of spa and beauty treatments at this spa in the Vaal to choose from.

Our wellness spa offers a variety of services, including manicures and pedicures, waxing, laser hair removal, permanent make-up, massages as well as spray tans and slimming treatments to name a few. This means we are your one-stop shop for a relaxing day of spa treatments; you can even bring along a friend to enjoy a day of pampering at this spa in the Vaal. Our exclusive treatments and product ranges are results driven and you will truly feel rejuvenated after a day of a relaxing spa sessions and a variety of other beauty treatments at our spa in Vanderbijlpark.

Our SPA Facilities in the Vaal Triangle – FabLane in Vanderbijlpark

You can also enjoy our aromatherapy treatments as they combine aromatherapy, as well as homeopathy to treat all ailments in the body. You can also combine this with other treatments like a hot stone massage or even a Swedish massage. These massages are perfect to help you relax and rejuvenate your body and to get your energy levels back to normal too. Contact FabLane Spa in the Vaal (Vanderbijlpark) for more information about our aromatherapy massages.

Enjoy a relaxing healing salt floatation bath of 20 min = 8 hours of sleep

We also offer various specialised spa treatments at this top spa in the Vaal. You may also choose to take part in slimming treatments, or a relaxing healing salt floatation bath; 20 min in this part is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep which is why it is so extremely effective. There is also a Jacuzzi available at this Spa in Vanderbijlpark that you can use for group or couple’s bookings. It’s a great way to just sit back and relax while you are in good company and enjoying yourself in our wellness centre.

Apart from going for a relaxing massage, you can also visit any one of our other shops, including a hair studio, a laser removal studio and aesthetic spa Doctor for varicose veins removals and more.

Fabulous Lane provides you with professional spa treatments in the Vaal Triangle area and we are located in the heart of Vanderbijlpark. Contact us for more information about our spa services as well as special offers that you can enjoy.

Kids Spa Party Venue – Spa in the Vaal


If you’re looking for a kids party theme or venue that is out of the ordinary for your daughter, then our kids spa party might be just the thing for you! Your daughter will love being treated to spa and beauty treatments at this spa in Vanderbijlpark like manicures, pedicures and massages, combined with a delicious milkshake. Book your daughter’s spa party at our spa in the Vaal today! Contact us for more information, or see our children’s spa packages online.

Hair Salon at Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre – Leading Spa in the Vaal

Adding to your spa day at this popular spa in the Vaal, is our professional Hair Salon. Why not book your hair cut, colour and styling before or after you come for your spa treatments, to pamper yourself from head to toe. Visit this well-rounded spa in Vanderbijlpark for professional and affordably hair treatments. We offer the following services at our hair studio: Cuts, Colours, Styling, Brazilian, Permanent Straight and Great Length Extensions.

 Manicures and pedicures in Vanderbijlpark

Looking for a new place to get your nails done? Visit this leading spa in the Vaal Triangle, Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre, for professional manicures and pedicures. Get your hands and feet in top shape – regular manicures and pedicures help to maintain healthy nails and cuticles for your benefit. For more information about our manicures and pedicures, contact Fabulous Lane Spa today.

Botox and fillers at this Spa in the Vaal

As a well-rounded spa establishments, you can also have your Botox and Fillers done at Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre. Our Aesthetics Spa Doctor is professional end experienced in administering Botox and Fillers, and will provide you with all the information you need prior to coming for any treatment. We will also assess your needs, and advise you on your most suitable option.

Benefit from the best spa treatments in the Vaal Triangle

Whether you are looking to relax, need a spa treatment for health benefits or simply need to break away from your daily routine with or without friends, FabLane Spa in the Vaal Triangle is the place for you. We offer an array of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments, each with their own unique benefits. Many individuals (men and women) visit day spas regularly for certain health benefits linked to the different spa treatments. Massages are known to relax and de-stress both the body and mind. There’s a lot more to a professional spa massage than relaxation, read more about the benefits of spa treatmentsfor your body and mind. You are also welcome t talk to a therapist at FabLane Spa about you health issues, to find out which sa treatment would be most suitable for you. Enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment at the leading spa in the Vaal Triangle – Fablane Spa.

Rejuvenating facials in the Vaal

There is nothing more rejuvenating than going for a facial done by a trained spa therapist. Regular facials at spas or beauty salons are essential, especially if you want to keep your skin glowing and healthy. If you suffer from acne, blemishes or rapid ageing of the skin, then regular facials at FabLane spa in the Vaal will be of great benefit. Professional facials have helped many individuals to regain their confidence, promoting a healthier looking and feeling skin. There are different facials available at FabLane Spa for different purposes and needs. Your therapist will assess your skin’s condition, and advise you on the best treatment for the best results. AT FabLane we only use professional products for facials, including the likes of Hannon and Filorga. Talk to a therapist regarding your skin’s needs today.

Body wraps and body scrubs

Body scrubs (full body exfoliation treatments) and body wraps are the ideal spa treatments to rejuvenate your skin and body. With an array of body wrap and scrub treatments to choose from, you will find the perfect treatment for your skin type and needs. Visit FabLane Spa in the Vaal Triangle today for your body scrub and body wrap treatments to get your skin healthy and glowing like never before. Our full body exfoliations will rid your skin of dead skin cells to reveal your new and healthy skin, while your chosen body wrap will replenish your skin and offer other benefits such as detoxification, slimming, hydration and more.

Fablane Spa Vaal

Different massages available from FabLane in the Vaal Triangle

As a reputable and professional spa in the Vaal Triangle, there are many different massage treatments to choose from at FabLane Spa. Each treatment follows a different procedure, offering certain benefits to the client. We offer spa massages that will help to de-stress, relax, rejuvenate, relieve headaches, relieve sore muscles or help with blood circulation. Our therapists have been trained to deliver excellent massage treatments, by combining techniques used over the centuries with modern massage methods. We guarantee that you will enjoy your spa treatment in the Vaal Triangle at FabLane Spa, and will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Spa treatments can be enjoyed alone, as a couple or with friends. Talk to our therapists about the different spa massages available.

Tan Can & Spray Tan – Best Tanning Experience in the Vaal Triangle

Looking for a tanning salon that offers spray tans or tan can (vertical sunbed) in Vanderbijlpark or the Vaal Triangle? Visit FabLane Wellness Centre today! FabLane offer both options – our vertical sun bed / tan can is very popular for clients who wish to achieve a natural tan. If you prefer alternative options, our therapists are veyr experienced in applying spray tans that offer natural looking results. Read more about our tanning options available at FabLane Spa – leading spa in the Vaal!

Laser hair removal treatments in Vanderbijlpark

Laser hair removal is becoming a popular treatment for hair removal in South Africa, due to the many benefits offered by this method. If you are suffering from excessive hair growth, or shaving and ingrown hairs are getting you down, it might be time t switch to the more convenient hair removal treatment, IPL Laser hair Removal. Many women prefer this treatment above shaving, waxing and hair removal creams, as it can help to reduce unwanted hair more permanently. For more information about IPL Laser Hair Removal treatments at Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre in Vanderbijlpark, contact us today. We will explain the treatment and benefits, answering all your IPL laser hair removal questions.

Bridal Make-Up at FabLane – Kryolan Professional Make-Up

Looking for a professional make-up artist in the Vaal Triangle for your wedding day? Let our professional and experienced make-up artists take care of your bridal make-up needs on your special day. Our artists make use of professional Kryolan make up to ensure lasting results on your big day. Contact FabLane today to arrange a trial make-up session with one of our experienced and trusted make-up artists at the leading spa in the Vaal Triangle.

Doctor Fish Pedicures in the Vaal Triangle

Keen on trying the latest trend in the spa world? Book your fish pedicure at FabLane Spa today! A fish pedicure involves placing your feet in a tank of Garra Rufa fish, and letting the fish nibble away at your feet’s dead skin cells. The has a number of benefits, especially if you suffer from skin ailments such as Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema. For more information about our Doctor Fish Pedicures at FabLane Spa, contact us today. Book your Nibble at FabLane Spa in the Vaal.

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